Old Eversley Lodge No. 5259
Meeting at
   St. Bartholomew's Masonic Hall
   Russell Street
   West Midlands
   WS10 7AZ
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Lodge Charity 
Freemasons are taught that their personal and family commitments should always come first, but are equally encouraged to give what they can to support others less fortunate than themselves. 
Old Eversley Lodge is active in the support of Charities which include not only the principle Masonic Charities which assist nationally and worldwide, but also local Charities with which menbers or their families have some personal cause to support. The Grand Lodge of England donates millions of pounds annually to non-Masonic Charities worldwide, which typically amounts to approximately 50% of its total charitable donations for a given year. This is also replicated by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Staffordshire which donates thousands of pounds of charitable donations to non-Masonic organisations.
Over the years Old Eversley Lodge has raised thousands of pounds through numerous collections and raffles at its meetings and social events. These funds have been donated to a number of charities and good causes. Recipients have included:
Acorns Childrens' Hospice - Walsall
SNAPS - Cannock
Compton Hospice - Wolverhampton
The Air Ambulance - West Midlands
Penns Hall Special School - Wolverhampton
St. Giles Hospice - Lichfield